Thread: [Hack of the Year] Nomination Round Results - 2012
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    It's really a shame that Snakewood isn't in the top 3.. even though it had just the original graphics, It had one of the best story lines, a interesting way to progress the game that suited the story-line and there isn't just a hack that is so different from actual "Pokemon"
    as Snakewood

    Light Platinum isn't a bad game but it's quite one sided and that can will be boring even the progress, I didn't even mention the scripts "In every new city"
    Random guy 1 says:Did you know the gym leader uses ... Pokemon you should use... and ... Pokemon to beat him.
    Random guy 2 says: I don't know you but something tells me that you need this Rare Pokemon which is rare and only few trainers get to train him.

    It's kinda weird that 2 different crystal remakes made it in the top 3 are they really different from each other or what?

    Gliscor is boss. Period.