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    Katsumi frowned as ICARUS stated, "You may recall receiving a special item last week; a silver key which is individual to your DAEMON. Your KEY is no longer just an item. It is your identity. Embedded within the coding of your KEY are your details, and not just your name and birth date. Passwords, bank accounts, social security numbers, credit card details... everything you have ever done is now recorded in one location. Just by equipping and using the KEY as a regular item, you can access all of this. And not just your own. By equipping and using another member's KEY, you are able to access their details just as easily as your own. As they are non-trading items, the only way to obtain another member's key is by killing their DAEMON."

    Japan didn't have Social Security Numbers at all, although they had a National Health Insurance. She also didn't have a bank account, she didn't really trust banks and usually kept her money at home, and didn't have a credit card. The only thing that was probably important to her was her music, in which she had bought for legally via CDs, and maybe her youtube account that didn't have any videos. Really, she was only worried about health insurance and since it was her own identity, her mother's health insurance wouldn't be affected. She didn't own a car, so no drivers license, and she hadn't renewed her passport, which didn't have her address anyway.

    So, while the announcement worried everyone but her, Katsumi waited for Shi_no_Tenshi to be able to move. She was not about to steal someone's identity from them unless they directly attacked her, and even if they did steal her identity, it wasn't as if she had much to offer. She was just a high school student who was working a few jobs to try to get money for her mum's medicine.

    If people were really worried about their identities, wouldn't they not attack people? If no DAEMON died, then no one's identity would get stolen and perhaps ICARUS would cancel the event. Of course, when people are worried about things, they lose all rational thought and do only one thing: attack.

    One thing that stuck to her was, "All restrictions have been removed from all locations which means PvP is allowed in all areas aside from the CLOUDLANDS lounge, which only allows for 10 combined hours of idling a day before you are booted back to the main area, which you must spend at least 4 hours outside of before you can return to the lounges. Also, it is now impossible to log out your DAEMON and death is no respawn."

    What about school? School was very important and as was her job. School was already eight hours as it is, and her job added an extra two-four hours to that. There was also a time difference; while it was midnight in Japan, it was in the middle of the day for some people, so while she would be sleeping, people could kill her DAEMON.

    It seemed that she was going to have to stay awake the whole night in order to get the full ten hours during school. She had done so before, in fact she could go three full days without sleep before she could really feel the effects, but it was still annoying.

    When the DAEMONS could finally move, DAEMONS were slaughtering others left and right. Katsumi rolled her eyes, were people's lives really that bad to steal the identity of someone else, and managed to escape in the confusion. Shi_no_Tenshi was very small and was able to slip through the crowd without any trouble.

    She needed to find Colette and apologise for dragging her into this mess.
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