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    Originally Posted by SpadeEdge16 View Post
    Would I have to do that with every single map though? Or did it just happen to a few?
    Just the ones with the problems. There is probobly a better fix, but I don't know it and as long as you aren't tight on space in your rom, it shouldn't be too bad.

    Originally Posted by Krika View Post
    Umm....I know that I don't have any sort of fancy sig or anything that draws attention to my posts, but can I get an answer? Somebody has to have this, or know where I can find it.

    You do realize that we answer these questions out of our own free will because we want to, right? You also realize that we are not payed to do this, we just like helping people, right? You also realize that a mod should have deleted your post because it is against the rules to demand answers, right?

    Now that we have an understanding and can talk civilly,
    we did not ignore your post. We just have no clue an therefore didn't answer. I know that when HackMew left the scene (hoping he will return) he took down his website and now all of his links are broken. The same could have happened with the emerald patch. It's not difficult to make one like it, just time consuming. Maybe, since you need one so bad, you should make one and share it with all of us.

    Sorry for the sarcasm, things like this get to me.

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