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Sven had just finished resetting the hook of the line he'd just reeled in when another got a good tug. He picked it up, ready to set should it be an actual fish, and not another false alarm. Oh, the amount of times the other Zora had pranked him. There it was. Another tug. A persistent one. Sven set the hook, only the 'fish' didn't respond like a fish should have. Sven quickly pulled it to the surface, and face palmed. Of course. A boot.

"Oi! Very funny! Now if you have nothing else to do, f*** off! I'm trying to make a living here!" He yelled over the water. Any Zora under the water would also hear him, although it would be quieted by the water's thickness. Sven shook his head, and reset the hook, casting it out into the lake's blue water. He then cast the first rod that he had been working with just before the fiasco.

Kristi sat up and said, "Well, I'm bored. Gonna go bug that witch doctor. See ya later." She vanished in a slight flash of twilight magic, and she reappeared in front of the ocean lab. She walked in, and was quickly greeted by the horrible chemical odor that permeated the building. The doctor didn't seem to be around, so she turned to leave. However, something caught her eye. A Hylian was resting in the corner. A traveler by the looks of it.

"Hey. Guy. I wouldn't sleep in here if I were you. That witch doctor that lives here's a creep. Never know what he's gonna do. Tell you what. I can take you over to the fishing pond. The manager'll give you a place to stay in his little lodge. Whadaya say?" she said. Of course, if needed, she could bring him to Kakariko village, but she wouldn't have the energy to get back before dusk, which was just about fatal.