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Aerous Oxus, The Star.

Guests continued to slow down Aerous' approach on Marcus, his clarification on the situation still definitely needed. Only about 15 meters away he was stopped by a person he knew from his uncle, whom forced Aerous into a conversation. The conversation between the obstacle and Aerous continued for a few minutes, as the idiot couldn't think of a good way to get excuse himself without seeming extremely rude to his uncles good friend. I need to talk to Marcus.. Why won't you stop talking to me! He thought, getting slightly frustrated as he looked over to Marcus, who was now beginning to talk to his brothers. Bringing his attention back to his uncle's friend he was surprised to see that he was no longer there talking. Having a quick look around Aerous noticed the man had walked of and began talking with another guest, saving his time and allowing him to continue his quest of clarification.

Sliding between other guest he closed in on his target, only to see Xoxxa, who was another member of the Swords trembling in front of Marcus, whom was talking. Not daunted by the fact that Marcus was looking slightly annoyed Aerous continued onwards until he got into ear shot of hearing the end of Marcus' speech. Well, this doesn't feel like my questions going to go down to well. BUT I MUST FIND OUT! He thought to himself, slowly getting closer to hear a stuttering Xoxxa try to defend herself. Eh!? With shock he watched Xoxxa drop to the ground in a bundle. The sight was indeed shocking to see that a member of the Swords was sitting on the ground trembling while replying to her superior. Stopping Aerous began thinking about what he should do, should he interject and try and save her, regaining her confidence? Should he take Marcus' attention away from her with his question? Should he just stand there and watch how the situation pans out, looking for a more appropriate time to talk to Marcus? Before he realised it the entity of the ball was looking out the windows and asking what the glow outside was. Wait, theres a glow? The thundering of alarms then began to blast, alerting Aerous to the fact that there was definitely trouble outside.

The attendants had began to panic when the alarms continued to roar, making the entrance doors to the grand ballroom chaotic. Aerous had joined a few of the guards and family members whom were trying to contain and calm down the group before Liberta took control of the situation, forcing everyone to stop with his Arcana power. Liberta gave his orders to the group, with everyone having their own jobs. The guards were to escort everyone from the ball to the escape boats, the ball attendants were to follow the guards in an orderly fashion to the escape boats and the Cardholders were to either help escort the ball attendants or go into the town and try to save whomever they could. Deadly force was also permitted. NO LIMITERS! I'M OFF TO THE TOWN! Aerous thought as he rushed towards the door. “I'm off to save the townspeople!” He yelled as he ran past Marcus and Flint, disappearing out the door.

The sound of fire, screams and chanting all became much louder as Aerous got closer to the town. Lots of towns people were fleeing from the town with Aerous just pointing in the direction of of the escape boats, not paying to much more attention to them than that. Reaching the outskirts of the town there was less and less people coming, but still loud screams rang out, determining his destination. Running towards the sound he jumped onto a barrel next to a house, using it to boost him to the roof. Reaching the top of the roof Aerous could see a young women back up in a corner between a building and fence with a group of men closing in on her, bloodied weapons in hand. Arcana mark glowing, he jumped off the roof, arcing in the air grabbing one of the men's head as he went past. A crack escaped the man's neck as Aerous leg's neared the ground. He let go of the man's head as he landed, leaving the lifeless body to drop to the ground. The 4 remaining men turned and looked at Aerous with confusion on their faces, clearly wondering what had just happened. Aerous face was expressionless as the group began charging him, swinging their weapons recklessly in an attempt to cut him down. With his arcana mark glowing lightly he easily dodged everything, slowly pulling out the two guns which were strapped to his back as he continued to dodge their sloppy attacks. The fattest of the group stepped in front of the others and thrust his sword at Aerous' heart. Aerous' left hand shot out from behind his back, it's barrel sliding down the swords edge pushing it away from Aerous chest. The sword shot between his arm and torso as he under loaded his gun in the man’s face, quickly moving towards the next target at the body fell to the ground. The slaughter continued in much the same fashion with Aerous using his guns to deflect the groups clubs, swords and knifes before countering with fatal shots to their bodies or heads. The woman was still trembling in the corner with her hands covering her face when he approached her. Tears were running down her face while she took in his quick explaination of what was happening and left towards the mansion as Aerous had instructed.

Going from scream to scream Aerous cleared a path for escaping townspeople, not allowing a single of Moreno's soldiers to lay a finger on anyone once he had caught sight of them. It was getting hotter and more densely packed with soldiers as he got closer to the centre of town, with less screams being heard over the fire and chanting for him to follow. The path of destruction he left was also getting more gruesome as more soldiers appeared, with him showing no mercy. Bodies, blood, and limbs strew the path that Aerous had travelled, giving off the impression that a natural disaster has gone through the town to meet the invading army. Sprinting into a group of soldiers whom were lighting more fires, his merciless onslaught continued.
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