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Originally Posted by Chaos Rush View Post
While that may be true, this is an English-language game. The circumstances regarding the naming of the characters ultimately don't matter, because no matter what, the official localized name for the rival in the original Pokemon games is Blue. The circumstances don't matter, because he has appeared as recently as Black 2/White 2 as the name Blue, and that is his official localized name.

But ultimately the official games don't matter at all anyways, since this is my hack, which I've stated multiple times is a separate canon from the Pokemon games. So, I, Chaos Rush, am confirming right here and now that the rival's canonical name in Pokemon DarkViolet is Blue.

You could name him God for all I care.

Also, I find it hilarious how while you are saying that the hack isn't canon to the series, you're going off of the canon itself by talking about the outfits and the 3 year time gap between R/B and G/S and incorporating that into your hack.

You're a hypocrite.
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