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    Originally Posted by Mattysoxfan View Post
    I played this hack all the way to the elite four. Beat it, cause i'm stuck and dunno where to go so i'm just gonna say i beat it. Honestly, its very dark in many ways. I think the most creepiest thing about it is the Gorelax with a chef coming out of its stomach. Makes me not want to fight them. And is Todadile the only start obtainable in this hack? wanted to use blaziken or even swampert since there is a bunch i faught already in this hack. What of the Charizard i saw 3 times throughout the hack, i thought i was going to obtain the charizard for my team but i guess not. I did notice one glitch, in the desert when you fight alica and that one dude with the two chefs below them. I happened to just run past post elite four and their sprites were there. They are rocks! so i can use rock smash on them, then turn to one side and then the game freezes.

    Overall, i liked this hack, except for it being so dark and evil, the houses with dead people with broken hearts. The troll who has a bag of like 11 pokemon. And then the troll who says he cut up 10 pokemon and stitched them all together. How many times my stomach turned i lost count.

    I take this as a resident evil pokemon crossover. No guns but still has a lot of zombies and just a lot of crazy stuff going on. I didn't even see any legendaries. Except for when i use a Elemental stone on the HyperEgg. I really chose not to do that though. My team consists of Gigawolf, Emolga, Claydol, Feraligatr, Brelom, and dragoone. I'm suppose to get a toxicroak i believe but haven't gotten there yet.
    Yeah normally everyone see that Charizard to hope he will get it also in the future but he learns that that sprite is used for a Dragon Character in the game
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