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    Originally Posted by HackChu View Post
    You could name him God for all I care.

    Also, I find it hilarious how while you are saying that the hack isn't canon to the series, you're going off of the canon itself by talking about the outfits and the 3 year time gap between R/B and G/S and incorporating that into your hack.

    You're a hypocrite.
    It doesn't matter, because I get to decide whatever I want in my hack. Obviously I'm taking some things from the official games, such as the name of the region, the overall layout, and the fact that this is a remake of the original games (although the style of the remake is drastically different from FR/LG and HG/SS, the focus of DarkViolet is modernization).

    And I don't see what your point is. Do you want me to make the Gym Leaders naked? Do you want me to rename all the Pokemon? Just because it's a separate canon doesn't mean I can't borrow things from the official canon. And ultimately, this is my hack, so I get to decide everything! Whatever I say goes! XD