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A demented smile came to Olga's hidden lips, as footsteps crossed into her domain and yet another person wandered into her wicked web. "So..." She began, her voice backed up by not just her own, but by Ambrosia's; the spirit from whom all of this showmanship originated. She ran her pale fingertips along the brim of her massive hat, following it up with a glance upwards; two orbs of amethyst glow meeting whoever had wondered in. Instead of settling on a slightly jittery caller, as she'd become so used to in times passed, she found the image of a young woman, perhaps two years younger than herself, with some boy slung over her shoulder, a mad look in her eyes, and something hanging from between her lips. Ambrosia snickered at the fact that they'd gotten to meet the person that scrounged their dropped jerky, and whether she knew it was human meat that rested on her tongue.

Though the jerky was amusing, there was a very real problem in the fact that this visitor's attention seemed to be split between the two of them, and it would be impossible to get through to such a person when they talked of important things. Such as they were to this young woman, at least. The boy hanging over her shoulder had no injuries to speak of, so her carrying him couldn't have been for safety, and the position looked nowhere near comfortable. Given the lack of available evidence, and the familiar look, she assumed that the male had the ability to use Attract, just as Ambrosia had. This would not do, for those in love had the least rational minds possible, There was the option of attempting her own pheromones, but it was a crapshoot at best, especially when there was a far more cruel and amusing option at hand.

Olga raised her hand in the air, pointing the tip of her finger at Arcea and spinning it in a circle. Golden orbs formed in the air around her finger, spinning slightly before she pointed it back at Aiden, each of the orbs colliding with him and transferring the Attraction he'd used onto himself. Oh, Baton Pass, there was nothing it couldn't do. With that issue taken care of, she resumed her introduction in a more fitting manner. "You've called for the Sage of Unknown Reaches." She continued, two voices speaking as one, as Olga stood abruptly up and turned her back to the visitors; something nobody would dare to do in this world, but that she was doing before their very eyes. "And now she's in your presence. What will you ask of her?" She asked, short and sweet. Nothing raised suspicion like ranting about her own glory, because the greats didn't need to tell the lessers about how they should feel awed. It let them know, even subconsciously, that she cared little for their mortal dalliances. [/spoiler]
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