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Originally Posted by alienhunterx View Post
Also DrG said that they are already infected by Darugis so those weird looking Tynamos make sense in the hack
Actually she just threw it there to explain it xD

Anyways, I'm continuing with the hack and... for some reason errors keep on coming, nothing game breaking, though...
I'm just letting it pass even though one did make me mad... when you battle the old dude in vestibule, if you do the bad thing and talk with his OW, you battle him and then you must battle him again as tile script... :/ Not cool as you don't get more M-Balls...
But I'm kinda starting to hate the level difference... I mean... in the lab you might walk into an elevator by accident and you are engadged into battle with 6 >80lv Pokémon... not to mention battle with your rival, again >80lv Pokémon... this is kinda overkill for 5th gym... I mean it's nice to have Lucky Eggs and we get nice exps for those high leveled Pokémon but serously... You have, at best, team of 65-70lvs there so you get killed immediately... Not having "overleveled" (75) Lucario and Umbreon, I would be dead meat in no time...
Since you pretty much don't have access to good grinding spot as the desert requires you to beat your rival and new boss (who wasn't that bad, though...)
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