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Hey there!

These are very cute Pokemon designs you have here! n_n; If these are years old then I'd love to see how much progress you've made! I think I like your Ghost Eevee evolution the best because it has the most innovative and imaginative design. I absolutely adore that ghost-hand tail. It really shouts Cohagrigus to me, which is virtually synonymous with the word "ghost". Very good use of imagery there! :3

I do have some advice for you though. Try to be mindful of your pencil lines. It seems like you get in there pretty heavy handed and it makes it difficult to erase your lines completely, so we see a lot of unintentional marks that subtract from the art overall. Even when you go over the piece with ink (which it looks like you did for your starters), they should be almost / completely devoid of pencil lines to get the most out of the image. Also, personally, I'd like to see the same level of detail and texture in your starters that you put into the Eevee evolution. You have a lot of design elements in them, making them busy, but they lack shading or depth so they come across as two-dimensional. But like you said, these are old sketches are they are ultimately destined to be redrawn and fledged out.

I'm sure you have improved a lot since you drew these! I'd love to see the completed versions when they're done! Can't wait for more from you! ;D
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