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    My name is Shade Isley, and I will become the ultimate Pokemon Trainer... At 16 years old, I stand at 5'7 with smokey-grey hair and dark green eyes. I hail from Mahogany town, things haven't been the same since Pryce died. Ever since then, an ominous winter has shrouded our town lovely town. Is this what lies in the wake of the Three Shadows? Maybe I'll make it, maybe I won't. All I know is... THIS is MY Story

    Chapter 1

    December 13, Calm Era
    - Mid Afternoon

    A shadowy figure peered over the cliff. The chill of the coming winter established itself harshly into the valley where the town resided. If anyone had stood down below all they could see atop that cliff was a tattered gray cloak flowing in the snowy winter wind. Beneath the cloak the figure wore a black muscle shirt, arms were wrapped in gauze from the fingertips up to just beneath the shoulder. A navy Blue sash wrapped the waist , held safe by a bronze clip-like buckle on the left hip of the person. Complete with black baggy pants, thick white long socks, and blue boots, the figure was none other than the young Shade Isley, returning from his three day hike into the Ice Path. It was very clear that he was tired, but he wore a proud grin on his face nonetheless. In an instant the figure descended from the clifftop head first, no rope, no climbing, simply falling.

    It was a dangerous move, but Shade was no stranger to confidence. His right hand appeared from beneath his cloak, a somewhat worn red pokeball in hand he called out his partner, "Come. Xiz!".The ball flashed with life, a white light cut through the the air as it began taking a small human-like form. The creatures now solidified white claws raked the air below it, slowing it's decent. The Sneasel brimmed with the same confidence exhibited by it's trainer despite the growing threat of their descent. "Use Icy Wind, just the way we practiced." The feline-like Pokemon touched its claws to its mouth before flailing open again, releasing a powerful blue vortex towards the ground beneath them. The vortex pushed the snow from the ground outward and upward toward the sky with great speed, sending a warmer(but arguably cold) wall of air upwards toward the trainer and pokemon. Their fall slowed drastically, allowing both to land on the ground, feet first safely. The ground, once bare, was now surrounded by a thin circle of ice.

    Shade kneeled down to Xiz, his hand on his shoulder , "Great Job Buddy" he exclaimed. "You've gotten pretty powerful during these three days, I'm proud of you". Xiz replied cheerfully as he stroked the long feather on his right ear "Sneasel ,Snee!". He stood up again, and looked down the road ahead, focused and unwavering. We're one step closer to becoming the Fourth Shadow, the shadow strong enough to eclipse even the likes of the previous three. Without a word he began his march toward home. Xiz followed mirroring the objectivity of his trainer. The road lasted for nearly an hour but to them it felt as nothing but a stone's throw away.

    Chapter 2
    [Last Minute Tips]
    December 13, Calm Era
    - Late Afternoon

    "I see them!"
    "Thank Goodness!"
    "They don't look that bad."
    "I wanna be just like him!"
    "Get his mother!"
    Familiar voices filled the air, the crowd's mutterings filled the air. The blizzards that had swept the area recently had calmed down, as if to greet only the worthiest of Trainers. Shade's march had come to an end, he'd returned home alive and well. His mother ran through the crowd a bright orange cloth folded in her arms, she called to him, "Shade! Shade!" Shade, jogged, Xiz hopped and skipped in his footsteps. His mother hugged her son tightly, with Xiz atop his head. "I was so worried about you! You're too young for the Trial", she cried. Shade smiled lightly and patted her shoulders.

    "Officially you kept me from it for two years, can't exactly say I'm too young", he gingerly replied. She pulled back and stared him hard in the eyes, "I should have held you back another two years, you didn't even bother to call me on your Pokegear. I didn't know if I'd packed you enough sandwiches, did you eat all of your soup? You better not have poured all the vegetables all over the ground, you hear me young man?" she retorted. He could only laugh, this woman was his mother after all, and she always cared. "Yeah, I actually ate everything, except the potatoes, you know I hate those" he replied nervously, scratching his head. She kissed him on the cheek, well, I made this for you to replace your old cloak, handing him the orange cloth. "It's design is based off a newly imported pokemon from the Hoenn region, Snugunt or snorgunk -er something like that" she added.

    He handed her the old cloak, and dressed himself in his new Snorunt cloak, it was a perfect fit as always, slim, with a little growing room. He looked to Xiz, who'd hopped atop his mother's shoulder, "How's it look Xiz?" Xiz looked at him and smirked "Snee snee, Snee snee!" , Mom was cheerful, "I think he likes it." Shade nodded, he'd barely noticed that his fellow citizens had approached, the first of which was Gym Leader Roy his old mentor. He extended his hand, though hesitant, Shade did so too, clasping Roy's. "Congratulations Shade, you are officially a Trainer of Mahogany Town" Roy said. He handed his a small data card, "insert it into your Pokegear, it will take your personal information stored in the device, and serve as your official trainer card. When do you leave for Izagi Town?" Shade knew his answer, sure as the soon-to-be setting sun, he exclaimed, "in one hour!" "Snee Snee! Sneeeeee!" echoed Xiz. Mom was shocked, but she quickly planted her eyes into the ground, "well, I knew this day would come, I made you enough lunches for ten days, all of them are waiting for you." Shade, looked at her, he knew it was hard for her, he gently kissed her forehead, "Thank you Mom. I'll be sure to call you every evening."

    He started walking toward his house, taking the compliments of his fellow citizens as he neared the end he was stopped by a small elderly man. "Wait, a second young champ, you'll need to get through Mount Mortar in order to arrive at Izagi Town" he said. Shade flinched and grabbed the back of his head, "ah, you're right about that," he smiled nervously. The man nodded triumphantly, " Xiz is strong indeed, but Mount Mortar is a bit of a Trek, you're bound to run into many wild pokemon, some Xiz may not be able to defeat if he becomes fatigued, so please take these", the old man handed Shade five pokeballs. Shade stared at them as he took them into his hand, he wasn't sure of what to say. It had dawned on him again that he was leaving, that tonight marked the first steps of his journey, he opened his mouth to reply only to meet the man's waving hand. "No thanks are necessary, it is customary for a trainer to be given five of those when they start their journey, it's one of the few things every town in Johto shares when it comes to our trainers." Shade could only nod, he continued his walk to his home, still staring at the shiny red and white orbs in his hands.

    Just as he'd said, his hour passed and he left his home, his cold, beautiful Mahogany Town. The farewell from his mother was emotional, from his mentor, inspirational, and from the town, it was in itself frightening.
    Shade's 1st Custom Trainer Card
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