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    Originally Posted by ZetaZaku View Post
    I'm more for replacing Pikachu than replacing Ash. Ash starts fresh in all regions, but what's the point of starting fresh if his starter is Level 100? At least he should be Level 100, yet he still lost to a Level 5 Snivy, which should have fainted just from a Tackle. Nerfing Pikachu is just wrong. It makes the whole previous seasons meaningless if he's still weak and only wins the most important battle (except League).

    Seriously, can't Pikachu just tag along as a friend, and not "Pokemon"? What's the point of having a variety of new Pokemon, if Ash's gonna use Pikachu and win all important battles. I've watched the Elesa gym battle recently, and I was surprised when Ash decided not to use Pikachu, only to use him as his third Pokemon. Not cool man.
    I have an Idea what if Pikachu gotten sick by some rare pokemon disease. But the only way to cure pikachu is to get the medicine from a new region that ash has never even heard of. so ash goes into the new region and goes looking for the pokemon doctor but the doctor is a few towns over so ash finds an eevee. eevee will not like ash at first because this eevee hates humans. but ash tries to reason with eevee.

    but then the evil pokemon group comes in and kidnaps eevee. ash goes after the evil Pokemon group and tries to save eevee. he meets the boss's daughter (ash doesn't know) . who'd she think ash is an intruder but ash explains to her that some bad guys kidnapped eevee do they go out and find eevee tied up.

    then the evil boss comes in and tells ash that his daughter is standing right there. ash is shocked the girl admits it. and loses his trust in her. but she says she loves pokemon she doesn't want to hurt them she wants to help them. her dream is to become a pokemon scientist. but her dad gets mad and says she is the heir to the throne. and ash is confused by it.

    the boss tells ash that he is the king of this region. so basically the new region is ruled by an evil empire. ash and the king's daughter beg the king to free eevee. but the king refuses. and the daughter is begging the king to let eevee go but ash sneaks around and untied eevee they escape the king turns around and finds eevee gone.

    The king tells the guards to go after them. eevee turns around and gives a quick attack to the guards and they get beat. they leave the castle. ash tells the princess about pikachu and his rare disease. she says she knows a doctor and so she tags along. ash says goodbye to eevee. but eevee is following ash as it's wanting to go with him. so ash brings out a pokeball and eevee gets caught and ash got an eevee finally.

    then a few towns over ash finds the doctor but it turns out the doctor is brock. ash tells brock about pikachu so brock gives ash the medicine and he uses the item transfer system. and he sends it to Oak. Oak then gives pikachu the medicine then he is cured. pikachu goes into the pokemon transfer system. he is greeted by ash. the princess and brock. ash then decides to collect all eight gym badges and enter the Pokemon League. Brock then decides to join ash. but when they go out front a familiar face is there. It's Misty! they are shocked and she joins ash so now it's a four person group. ash , brock , misty , and the princess.
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