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    Originally Posted by Zac from Unova View Post
    Like in the most serious way, I wanna know if any of you, as trainers, have formed REAL bonds of trust with a pokemon you've raised. Given them a personality, developed them, given them sentience in your imagination. If so, who is the pokemon you are closest to? What is their name? Species? What's their story? Why do you love them?
    Personally, all of my teams (especially starters) count once I've beaten the game
    Choosing a specific game, it's probably the Gardevoir (Zoe) from my most recent Emerald playthrough. I mean, for example she utterly decimated a couple of gym leaders (Norman is the only one I could remember).
    Other than that, there's also my shiny Pidgeot (Feather) whom I caught as a Pidgey in LeafGreen 7 or 8 years ago, the same Pidgeot that's currently sitting in one of my boxes in White.

    Also, I may be thinking too hard about this, but...

    Let's be realistic...
    There are at least 10 or so trainers in any given Pokémon Centre (centres in cities definitely have more than 10 at any given time, can't say the same for rural area), meaning that there are at least a a handful of sexually mature trainers in each centre.
    A bunch of teenagers travelling across the country and staying the night in a building along with other teenagers doing the same thing. Don't tell me there's nothing going on at night.
    Furthermore, PokéCenters have strict rules regarding sex within the rooms, ranging from the obvious (use protection, don't be too loud, keep your team in their pokéballs, etc) to more specific and intimate rules and regulations.

    TL;DR - Pokémon Trainers are getting it on with each other in pokémon centres.
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