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The fun about this question is that everyone would have to specify what canon is. A remake is a remake, as Nintendork15 said. So FR/LG are not so canon in this way that stuff from later generation was added, first of all two types which weren't in RBGY.
Next, I don't see it is uncanon to put "other canons" like the anime or one of the mangas (Adventures for example) into a game, as long as the player sprites are changed acordingly.
If someone comes up with a realistic scenario, that shouldn't be a problem, too. For example, to gather any girl for my Dating Sim, a world tournament is being held. So far so good. But then the girls could have any appearance they ever had AND (of course) they are 18, so their appearance isn't matching their age at all. In addition I'm mixing up different canons (as described above), for there will be e.g. Red (the uber fan version) AND Ash, so that's a little bit confusing.
As for the DAYW-Version (Do Anything You Want, yay I just came up with a title!), it will be the (original but improved) setting of FR/LG. But more "our reality"-canon, so basically anything could happen and "reality bugs" of the game (e.g. why would you only find certain pokemon in either FR or LG? Reality crack? Or e.g. all people let you in their houses.) get fixed.

For most fandoms, it is not right, but in Pokemon "canon" is actually a matter of perspective. But of course you can still be uncanon in every way xD
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