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    Originally Posted by AnonygooseD View Post
    Some countries like KSA made an official ban of the franchise
    No they didn't. I live in the KSA (or well, lived, now I'm in Ireland but I do visit in some occasions during christian holidays) and I can confirm the only thing they banned is trading cards, which I don't know what for. (They stopped dubbing the TV show for dying popularity, but they still sell DVDs and Blu Rays of the english dub.) I bought all my Pokemon games here (save for White which was in Ireland) and I even seemingly recall seeing White/Black 2 when I went to buy some games for myself, and it was the ONLY new DS game of any significance there, and had a section on its own. Speaking of trading cards, though, they're not really...banned. My brother brought his cards which he bought here in Ireland and it was OK, apparently. They probably banned the TCG because of the older cards, like the one that had the nazi symbol.

    Yu Gi Oh got the same [small] controversy (only fans of the respective franchises made it seem like a big deal), and honestly this all happened nearly a decade ago. Nearly everyone forgot about it at this point, and no body listened to this "authority" (who the hell is he anyway? even I don't know.) except those kids in elementary school. (which resulted in them being victims of continuous jokes) Pokemon still exists here, it's just not that popular because the Playstation brand is dominant.

    Again, and I want to stress this, the only reason Pokemon is "dying" or isn't that well known here is because of the support and dominance of Sony. Microsoft is following their footsteps as well. It's entirely Nintendo's fault for not showing any support or care for the Middle Eastern video game market which is actually big. (Mario STILL isn't as well known as Crash Bandicoot, who at this point is dead.)

    Also, if you ask any gamer there about Pokemon they'd either say "it's for kids" (which is what they think about nintendo in general) or "not interested". Both are perfectly reasonable.

    Basically, don't blame our religion or country for something as unimportant as Pokemon for dying. Blame the lack of marketing, or Sony and Microsoft for having success in dominating the market. You're giving us an unnecessary bad name because some guy said some bad stuff about your favorite franchises, and we had enough of that ****. If it makes you feel better, my religion teacher when I was in elementary school defended Pokemon, and he was probably the most religious in the school.

    But thanks for reminding me about this. Takes me back when I was a blind fanboy.

    Originally Posted by LilJz1234 View Post
    That's really sad.. because if you think about it, Yugioh got way more violence than Pokemon, banning them to the shadow realm where they die and have their souls taken and whatnot. I understand that most Arab countries are very strict and serious about their religion but I don't understand why Pokemon specifically. I mean, I'm sure they have shows and movies on their TV that involves guns, gambling and all those. (Correct me if I'm wron, I live in Canada. So I'm not really sure what's on their TV) :C
    Nope, you're not wrong, and we're not stupid. Yu Gi Oh had a bigger controversy but the anime is still popular, unlike Pokemon.

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