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I feel like we've had this topic before.

Anyway, my favorite subjects in high school/grade school were art and English. I always was fascinated with English cause of the interesting rules and such of grammar. Plus writing stories and essay allowed me to be creative and express myself more. My teachers have always told me I had great writing skills and said she was always excited to read my stories and essays. Also had some pretty nice and fun English teachers who gave us interesting projects.

Art because of the same reasons as English. I can fully express myself as an artist and I have also learned alot about drawing and art in general which has helped me improved.

My least favorite subject was math, specifically algebra. There's some concepts like finding variables and basic trig I get but more complex stuff is just too hard for me to understand. Alot of it goes over my head and I personally don't see much use for it ,besides basic math , in real life. Or at least not in my career or lifetime.
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