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    Looks like I'm moving on up in the world! My game has reached the "Showcase"!

    Just for some explanation, This is the original Pokémon X, but do to Pokemon's new installment to gen-6, I have changed the name, and decided on "Pokémon Litharreon"

    The newest version is available, as well as up-to-date screenshots!

    There is a major bug however...when you catch a pokemon everything is fine and dandy, it shows the pokedex entry, its been added to the dex, if you battle it a second time it shows the pokemon symbol, but the major problem is you do not possess the pokemon in your party or PC

    If anyone has an idea how to fix it I'd appreciate it, but until i fix it you only have your starter >.<

    Expect some update within the next few days!

    ~My Deviantart - Litharreon Wiki - Litharreon Game Download~

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