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Bleacher - I lovez ya! You saved me from looking around for those players who are still alive! :D BTW, both Fuyu and MissDoronjo have decided to drop out, so both Pikachu and Eevee (as well as those starters not mentioned in Bleacher's post, are the starters available ATM.

EDIT: Decided to pull Mr. Mammoth from the RP, for the sake of letting more people join due to his unexcussed inactivity. Thus meaning that Poochyena is also available.

Hereto - Now that you've seen the catalog, you're only an edit away before Torn and I judge your SU a la America's Next Top Model, which, in this case, will be Hoenn's Next Top SU :p

Torn - I waz not lazy :p well... Maybe a bit. Also, Ill be back in school by this Monday, so, you'll probably read more Torn and less Vato anytime soon :p ... Again.

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