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    Ok guys after some time here´s my 2nd Kanto update:
    Defeted Sabrina
    Caught Tangela
    Defeated Blaine
    Went to One island .....
    I know this isn´t too much .... but .... There was Blue o(>.<)o
    Next update will be after longer break, because I have huge problems with my rom ...
    And my current team:

    Venusaur (name: Shohei) (lv.55)
    -Leech seed
    -Razor leaf

    Veepinbell (name: Morita Go :D) (lv.48)
    -Razor leaf
    -Sleep powder

    Exeggutor (name: Takuma) (lv.39)
    -Leech seed
    -Egg bomb

    Tangela (name: Arioka) (lv.28)
    -Vine whip

    Parasect (name: Taku) (lv. 40)
    -Leech life