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    Ike sat there stiller than ever as a new voice came into the scene. It was a guys voice, he sounded shook up, and took multiple pauses consisting of pants. He must have just ran a mile, full sprint. Ike concentrated on the guys words so he would not miss anything. He spoke of the grimer sludge and how everyone needed to get there fast, concluding his urgent message with his name.

    Raiso.. another trainer on the same mission. You know what.. change of plans.

    Ike slowly stood up from his sitting position, slinking up the wall as if it was picking him up.

    "I'll go with you, Raiso. Ike is the name." Ike said as he stared at the guys feet, wanting to avoid any eye contact that may come towards him being he had been pretending to be asleep with the others. "I'm not an experienced trainer, though. Not at all."

    Ike braced himself for rejection, his left hand bracing his pokeball that held the snide pokemon he was honestly a bit scared of and his right hand rubbing the back of his head. Who would want such a weak trainer to help them with such a significant job?
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