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I'm actually very impressed with you! It takes a lot to post something that's different from your usual stuff, and I admire and applaud your initiative! Let me begin this by saying that there are no inconsistencies between your style and that of One Piece, which I'm sure is intentional. And the fact that you did this without any references is ridiculously impressive. Even I can't do that! But from what I can tell, you *do* possess the ability to visualize a piece and replicate it on paper with few changes. That is a very valuable skill, and one you probably developed by all of your graphic experience. You innately have a good eye for positioning, and that reads clearly in these drawings.

I am.. ever so slightly confused though. ;w; At first.. I thought this piece was just a mangled attempt at capturing separate parts of an image then reconstructing it digitally. Or that you were taking individual pictures of one drawing to highlight different portions of it. However, the more I look at it.. the more it reads like a comic strip. Is that deliberate? Because if so, that's actually very clever!

Now! On to some advice! Invest in some blending sticks for this, hun. Cross hatching is great for laying down the blacks and portraying where the shadow is going to fall, but in this case the harshness of those lines really takes away from the character. My eye is drawn to the darkest parts and the scratchiness make it hard to look at. Soften up the cross hatching (heck, you could even use a Q-Tip or your finger or something) and the drawing will be x10 stronger. Also, the hand is a little funky, but I think everyone has problems with hands and the fact that there are no blatantly obvious eraser marks is definitely a good sign! You also got the proportions correct, so it's easy to believe that it is actually his hand. It's not too big or too small (which is something I struggle with) so it fits nicely. That being said, the thumb is suffering from the black marring that (I believe) is supposed to be the shadow under the character's arm. I think the only reason that stands out is because the lines are going in a different direction than the shirt.

Onward, upward, and back to this drawing[s]! This one is an unfortunate victim of circumstance. The top left image is very blurry and hard to see. ;o; Which is the biggest downfall of the whole thing. Otherwise, I still suggest that you blend out those blacks and give it a softer feel. It also seems that you went heavy-handed on the arm / hand of the guy holding the swords (I'm sorry I don't know the characters!!! u_u). It comes across as a bit messy and awkward looking-- unlike the hand of the other guy who's pointing. That one came out very well, I think! Lastly, and this could just be the angle of the picture / character's clothing, but in the top left shot the sword guy's head is way too small for his body. The pointing guy is supposed to be in the background, right? Proportionally, he his much bigger than the guy holding the sword and it just doesn't read like he's in the distance. Make sure you keep perspective in mind while drawing!

Overall Dero, this update was a real treat. I tend to assume that all artists are always "one trick ponies" and only truly excel in one medium. I mean, if I tried to do what you do, it would be the epitome of a hot mess. I could never make tags like you. However! You've proven to me that graphic artists can indeed do traditional art, break out of their comfort zones, and be pretty darn good at it! I really, really, REALLY hope you continue to post more drawings, brother. If these are just no reference, time-killing doodles, than I would love to see what you can do when you apply yourself. You should be proud! :3

Very well done! <3333333333333;
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