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    Hello all
    I really need some help but Honestly I seem to have made no friends in here to ask for some. So I am asking the community..
    I did my research on XSE and am getting really good at it, so I started learning about mapping on a more in depth scale, but have come to a halt. I am understanding how to load new tiles and change palletes, but what is bothering me is I have tried for a day and a half to figure out how to make Bridges to work in FR. I understand what movement permissions do but I can't for the life of me get my character to walk under the bridge. I read that the tiles behavior byte must be 08 00 but that didn't work so I tried to one in Ruby, That didn't work. I have read the what I can find on the subject of "Bridges in Fire Red" and do what they say step by step and still get no result... So what I need to know if someone could help me is step by step in detail how to set up bridges in Fire Red . Like if I need specific tiles for the briges, what behavior byte is for brigde tiles, and if it needs a backround byte???

    tools being used-
    Advance Map 1.92
    and others

    Many credits to their makers
    and to those who keep this community toghether