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    Tokyo Gym


    Considering that he'd lost sight of the kid, Stryker had to use the rooftops in order to catch up with him. He didn't particularly like the fact that Chan accompanied him, albeit at a distance. Anyone who actually had the brains to look up at the rooftops might have wondered why a Hitmonchan and a Persian were running together, hence, the distance and separation. All the same, now Stryker had a fellow agent watching him, supposedly to help him should he need it. More like two pairs of eyes ready to report mistakes, the Zoroark grumbled mentally, slowing down as he looked down at the street parallel to him. I can't help that they were under humans' directions back in Phoenix.The Tokyo Gym was in sight again, and from the looks of it, the boy down below was biking in that direction.

    The Persian made it to the end of the buildings before he got to the space between them and the Gym. Turning around, he easily made his way down into the alley between two of the buildings, then glanced around the corner. The boy was chaining his bicycle to a post. Really, why would Stryker's superiors believe that this human would have any special powers? Yes, he had seen with his own eyes that the boy could enter and leave a burning floor without obviously burning himself. Yet, the higher-ups had set him on this mission before the burning hotel. Why'd they believe it in the first place?

    Unless they didn't. That was a possibility. Perhaps they had thought that this kid was worth watching, just to make sure of the initial reports. But, then, why capture the boy? Eh, that's easy. He has trapped Pokemon, and the higher-ups prob'ly wanna know how and why a human can have powers. Unless they had other reasons...

    Stryker shook his head, watching as the boy entered the Gym. He'd have to get in, without attracting unnecessary attention. Obviously, a human could go in, but he was rather tired of how many places he'd had to go into lately as a human. Oh, well. The Persian turned back into the alley, stalking further in before Stryker changed his illusion into that of a human, a Tokyo teenager. He walked back out into the street...

    ...and found himself silently cursing the Knights of Valor who were gathering in front of the Gym. How they thought they were the best in the world, preaching Pokemon's release when they themselves held the creatures captive... Stryker shook his head. Either way, he needed to get into that Gym.

    "We should teach them a lesson," Chan muttered as he appeared at Stryker's side, glaring at the congregation of Knights. "Hit them hard before they know what's coming."

    "No," Stryker replied immediately, reaching a paw out to stop the Hitmonchan. "I agree with you, but we'd at least need to think it through. Just the two of us, against however many that they'd send out, with this much room in front of the Gym...I'd want a few more on our side first. 'Sides, I need t' get in and watch the kid." From what he could hear, distantly, the Knights wanted to talk with someone inside the Gym. "Do gather up anyone you can, though. The boy might display somethin' after all."

    Ignoring the glare Chan directed at his back, Stryker took the time to pull something out of his backpack, then walked casually closer to the Gym, moving in an arc around the group of Knights, who were now arguing with a man in front of the Gym's doors. As he came to the front wall of the Gym, Stryker dropped the small ball in his hand, tossing it with enough force to roll it onto the ground near the Knights. Within moments, a cloud of thich smoke began spreading, enveloping the front of the Gym and the gathered Knights. Ignoring the confusion and chaos that began, the Tokyo teenager slipped through the door, sliding into the disguise of a Purrloin as he did so.

    Edging toward the side of the large room for a better view, Stryker was in time to see the Monferno's Blaze Kick connect with a Klang. Sounds could be heard coming from outside the Gym; Stryker thought that the Knights might be trying to get in.

    “Ignore it. Stay focused on the battle.” The speaker was a woman, on the other side of the battlestage.

    “But it sounds-" That was the boy.

    "Do you want a badge or are you going to wimp out because of some commotion outside?!”

    “F-f-fine.” The boy looked at Blaze... Stryker wondered why the boy hesitated. Didn't humans normally send their Pokemon into battle without a second thought? “You know what? I think you’ve had enough, Blaze. You should come back and take a rest.

    “Mon, mon mon mon!” The Monferno was arguing, which Stryker thought might have been pointless, if it weren't for the fact that 'Blaze', as he was called, actually wanted to keep fighting.

    “Alright, fine. But if you get KO’d, it’ll take a while to heal you. Understood?”


    “Alright! Lets do this, Blaze!”

    The Purrloin, hopefully unnoticed as he sat by the wall, cocked his head. The boy didn't actually care about Blaze...did he? He shook his head abruptly. Of course not! He's still having the Monferno fight for him! Don't let yourself be fooled! Things would get ugly if the Knights outside actually managed to get in and interfere...
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