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    Originally Posted by FBI agent View Post
    In this post, what are the differences between "labels" and pointers? I assume you mean variable names when you say labels?

    As for the question:
    To successfully edit would require ASM I'd think (though maybe there is a way to do it in hex).
    If you scroll down, you'd find that the offset is at 0x02024284 in FireRed.

    I lied, I don't think there is a way to do it in hex. Unless you want to standardize a specific nature to a specific breed (then again I know nothing ).
    When I said labels, I meant that it is labeled as. If you open uo the memory in vba, it shows the ram. 00 is BIOS, 02 is WRAM, 03 is IRAM, and so on. When you get to 08, this is the actual rom. By putting 08 in a pointer, you are telling the engine that the pointer is going to the rom and not another place in the ram. I called it a label, because it's like a number equivilant of the label "rom".

    The location you showed is in the ram. What was being asked is how to change it in the rom so that later it can be used by the game. If it is only changed in the ram, you would most likely have to change those values each time you loaded the game.

    Now that I followed the link, that is the data structure for a stored team or the pokemon in your pc. By changing the nature there, you would only change what nature that party pokemon had. It's also encrypted, though JPAN has a nice long post on how to work with it.

    Romancandle: If you feel like scrolling through the entire rom, look for a pointer table that is only 25 or 26 pointers long. Don't know if it will have a nature at 0 so that would make the table one pointer longer. The table you encountered might be related if it is indeed the proper length. You would just follow the pointer, though I fear it is much more complicated and probobly involves an asm routine at the other end of the pointer.

    Originally Posted by DarkPsychic View Post
    Hello all
    I really need some help but Honestly I seem to have made no friends in here to ask for some. So I am asking the community..
    I did my research on XSE and am getting really good at it, so I started learning about mapping on a more in depth scale, but have come to a halt. I am understanding how to load new tiles and change palletes, but what is bothering me is I have tried for a day and a half to figure out how to make Bridges to work in FR. I understand what movement permissions do but I can't for the life of me get my character to walk under the bridge. I read that the tiles behavior byte must be 08 00 but that didn't work so I tried to one in Ruby, That didn't work. I have read the what I can find on the subject of "Bridges in Fire Red" and do what they say step by step and still get no result... So what I need to know if someone could help me is step by step in detail how to set up bridges in Fire Red . Like if I need specific tiles for the briges, what behavior byte is for brigde tiles, and if it needs a backround byte???

    tools being used-
    Advance Map 1.92
    and others

    Many credits to their makers
    and to those who keep this community toghether

    This tutorial by link12552 has a very good explanation of bridges near the end. Here is the quote in the spoiler:


    Creating Bridges

    Some people have a lot of trouble when it comes to making bridges, so here is an explanation.

    A bridges movement permission is 3c. There must be 10's though, at the ends, to show the bridges' elevation.

    The next part is what usually confuses people. The actual bridge tile's behavior has to be set to 08 00 for overland brdiges or 70 00 for bridges over water.

    Over Land Bridge Example:


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