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    They definitely are not legendaries. When Red and Blue were in development, Game Freak got some help form Ape Inc, later known as Creatures Inc. This is the same team that worked on the Earth Bound series of games, and you can definitely see how they influenced some of the things in Red and Blue.

    "The Bag of Dragonite is an item in EarthBound which when used, "transforms" a party member into a dragonite, allowing them to deal a massive amount of damage to most foes (with the exception of Giygas). It can only be used once, and it is a fairly rare item." (Taken from the Earthbound Wikia)

    Obviously Dragonite was based off this item. It makes sense too, as Dragonite is amazing in Red and Blue. I think Tyranitar was created to be another powerful Pokémon like this.

    As for Tyranitar not being in the anime, go watch the episode where Jessie and James release Arbok and Weezing. They fight a Pupitar, and it evolves into a Tyranitar. The battle becomes too intense, so Jessie and James tell Arbok and Weezing to leave, and be free. Arbok and Weezing refuse, so Jessie and James smash their Poké Balls. Arbok and Weezing leave, and Jessie, James, and Meowth fight the Tyranitar. It was truly a sad moment.
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