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Originally Posted by shiny quagsire View Post
Actually, when I said source code, I meant the source to the ASM, as it might help me to understand how it works, rather than 'put this here, and put that there, and repoint this thingy'. I just like to know how it works, and others might too. Also, I'm still a bit confused as to what this segment means:

I know at 0x471DEC there's a table of pallets, each 32 bytes long (unless they're compressed... not sure if they are.)
The asm code is the way I found to change the colors, since it POKEMON FIRE RED uses a different text box (a writebytetooffset is not enough).

This 0x8471DEC contains an array of colors that the game uses when he goes to the text box, what I could do ... ... ... despite being BY ACCIDENT, because not get along very well with asm but with HEX ... ... was cause the read routine...

...was to make the routine var 0x2009 read before using the colors and the numbers:
34 04 15 08 38 04 15 08 3C 04 15 08 40 04 15 08 44 04 15 08
byte offsets ... are leading to numbers:
E0 10 20 00 40 20 40 00 01 49 40 18 02 BC 08 47 47 08 1D EC
... which are nothing but the numbering of colors that go appear in text boxes. EX: 10 20 00 E0 is the first color in 0x8471DEC

But we can repoint as: 50 20 00 E0
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