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Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
When I said labels, I meant that it is labeled as. If you open uo the memory in vba, it shows the ram. 00 is BIOS, 02 is WRAM, 03 is IRAM, and so on. When you get to 08, this is the actual rom. By putting 08 in a pointer, you are telling the engine that the pointer is going to the rom and not another place in the ram. I called it a label, because it's like a number equivilant of the label "rom".

The location you showed is in the ram. What was being asked is how to change it in the rom so that later it can be used by the game. If it is only changed in the ram, you would most likely have to change those values each time you loaded the game.
Ohh, alright makes sense now. I was kinda confused when you said label for the first time since technically variables themselves are pointers