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    When I first read this after you posted, I thought "what is this guy talking about?"

    I simply think people got bored. I remember when I first joined Pokecommunity in 2007, there would be a new fan game added on the board every week. Now, this isn't really the case. The Showcase section barely changes meanwhile the Beginner's Showcase is boring in that most of the ideas never work and never become big. Personally, I think we need more tools to help aid in game development. This is why the ROM Hacking section on Pokecommunity is still much bigger than the game development one.

    Now on your talk about tone. This is the internet. The tone is not something you can tell. They could always be sarcastic or neutral. When someone says they dislike something, they are not always being mean. It is still criticism nonetheless and although it could be short, every little bit should be helpful. Your audience is the one who will be playing your game and if they are not happy then you would be the only one who downloads it.

    It seems as if you're trying to target specific people. If you are, then go tell these people personally.
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