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    Originally Posted by JNathan View Post
    Welcome to PC Olivia! My favorite gen is gen 3 too so you are the same as me. There's a subforum for Advance Generation Games, you should visit it. You could tell us more about you. Like your interests or hobbies related to Pokemon or not. What kind of animal do you prefer? I love cats but can't have one because of my asthma. You will absolutely be useful to the forums in a way or another. If you want to talk or want some help, don't hesitate to PM me. Have fun here with us!
    Awesome to see another gen 3 lover! I'll check it out. :) I'm into biking, reading, going to concerts, shopping, and video games. I'm a dog kind of girl, I have 4 of my own. :o I like birds too, I have 2. Cats are cool, I'm allergic though. I hope so! Thank you! :)

    Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post
    Greetings OliviaGirl ! As a English person it would be very odd if I did not like tea. I love tea and cakes !
    I have 2 cats and 2 dogs which all battle for my time and affection ! I am more of a cat, than a dog person, but I do enjoy the company of both of them at times.
    There are plenty of sections and topics in the forum ranging from the Video Games of all colours, the upcoming Pokemon X + Y, Pokemon Trading Card Game, General boards and many more !
    If you are new to forums, the idea is to generally be polite, post content which is relevant to the topic (otherwise moderators may remove it) and create new topics to discuss !
    Please feel free to private message myself or Cirno if you are having any difficulties. Also alot of other members will be friendly and helpful to make you feel welcome to the forum !

    Enjoy your visits !
    Ooh, England seems awesome. Yeah, as stated above I have 4 dogs, hahaha. I'm branching out a bit into the other forums, but I feel like I have nothing to contribute. :\ I'll try to be helpful! Thanks for the advice/help! This forum is really nice. :D

    Originally Posted by Venitardus View Post
    Hi there and Welcome! My fav. gen is gen 3 as well. :)
    Also, like JNathan said, and/or if you havent already, we have a Advance generation forum that you could check out.

    anyway, it's great that you joined and if you have anything, you can contact me anytime
    Awesome! I'm checking the different forums out now. Thank you for the help! <3
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