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    If you've not ignored this thread post thinking, can't be that's a hoax, then you've over come your senses to check this out. Yes, this is basically a public release, which, hoping Maruno will add it into essentials as a default feature once everything is running smoothly. This is aimed to make your game feel that closer to the originals game freak loves teasing us with. Even though it's not styled like the original games ones, this gives a more direct look into showing events talking. As by default, the messages will only appear on the bottom, not got intention right now to add in arrows for that as it's too generalized for all the scripts. Anyway, enough of my rambling, time for the actual thread.

    Conditions of use:
    You can modify the script, I don't mind that.
    You must give credits to me, otherwise I will hunt and bug you. (Note, link will be removed if I see people breaking conditions)
    Cannot claim as your own, or redistribute anywhere else without my permission.

    How to use:
    To use the script, before each show text command, you will need to do a script call, depending on the type of message you would like to display you need to do pbCallBub(type, eventid) An example of how to use this script, would be pbCallBub(1,13) The first value is set to either 1 or 2. When it is 1, it shows up the floating bubble message, when it is 2, it will show up the arrow message. The second value, is the event ID that you want to show as talking. My eventID is 013, so we put 13. If you don't put this script call before the show text method, it will simply assume you want a normal message window, and will not show the arrow.


    Downloads: V0.6
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