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This patent was filed by Sony in May 2012 and granted in November 2012. While Microsoft could follow suit in the anti-used game concept, Sony seems to be going solo with this one. It's possible that they will implement this in the PlaySation 4/Orbis and their other future home entertainment systems too (ex. DVD, Blu-Ray players).

What would you say if THIS suddenly popped up on your screen?

The company's goal this time is to pause your ever-so-peaceful gaming session or movie both online and offline in order to plague you, their loyal and dedicated consumer with what has always been the most feared creatures of both digital gaming and the internet: ADVERTISEMENTS. In my opinion, this patent, compared to all the other ones, is made of PURE EVIL. In addition, it will also rewind your game slash movie, or as Sony calls it, "interactive content" by a few frames just in case you were at a critical point. However, this could also seriously screw up your progress if you're playing a video game (ex. right after beating a boss).

But that's not where it ends, though. If you want to speed towards the end of the ad, you will have to shout out certain brand names depending on the ad (ex. "MacDonalds!!!"), a "feature" which I think is just pure silliness, even for Sony :P

We are not sure if Sony will actually do something this revolting, but if they did, what would you guys think?

Sound off your opinion in the comments :)


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