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Originally Posted by Birthday Thunder View Post
I can't, because frankly I don't know how to. I got it from a friend who assured me it was legit and I only trade with fellow shiny hunters because that's my rule. I myself am a shiny hunter whom acquires his shinies through legit methods such as SRing, MMing, REing and Trading. I have an idea, why don't we just trade, and I'll stay in the wifi room while you go check if it's legit. if it's legit, then all is good and I will be on my merry way, but if it isn't, I will give back the dratini, you can keep the gallade to delete and I go scold my friend for trading me a fake. I would never try to scam a fellow shiny hunter such as yourself. Sound good?
That works for me.

Originally Posted by Oshamaru View Post
Hey there. Would you like an UT Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Palkia for your Shiny Bold Phione? It has a Timid nature, but I don´t know its IVs.
Sure, but is it your OT? It will give it more credibility.
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