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Originally Posted by Oshamaru View Post
I got it in a GTS Negotiations trade. It looks legit to me. If you want me to Pokecheck it I could try...But I don´t know how to very well.
Hmm, if you got it off the GTS, I would like to trade it for a junk Pokemon first so I could check before giving you the Phione. The majority of shinies on the GTS are hacks unfortunately. Also you're the 101th poster

That means you get this for free since I feel generous:

#403 Shinx (LV 1) Male
OT: Tabor ID: 33997
Adamant - Guts - 31/31/31/31/31/31 - Untouched
Tackle - Ice Fang - Crunch - Wild Charge

So I guess that would be the "junk" Pokemon that I'm going to trade you, though I don't have it ready at the moment.

EDIT: whoops, thought you were the 100th, but you weren't, but since this crap has already happened, I'll just edit this post a little
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