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Team Dragon Fire

Helloeveryone. I’m Rakaia and I’m new here, well as a poster anyway. Well to getthings started, I just wanted to say that I wanted to create a hack for sometime now, original story and everything, but lack the skills and team membersto do it. Like I said I’m new to the whole “Team Thing” as far as making a hackis concerned. I have the programs and have played around with them, just to geta better understanding on how they work. Again, though I’m still somewhat of anoob and I was hoping that some of you guys/girls would sign up and help mecreate a great project, and hopefully a series if it’s good enough. If not, I’mok with it. I just really want to make a hack, that’s worth playing.

Current Project

POKÉMON VOID “Name subject to change”

Features of the Project

- A brand new story -
- A great region to explore -
- New maps -
- New Gym Leaders, characters etc. with new sprites -
- More to come -

Storyline of the Project

Haven’t come up with the storyline yet, I was hoping we would be able todiscuss it as a team.


This is my first attempt to form a teamon here, so I’m not going to be picky. I do want some decent skilledindividuals out there, that at least know what their doing. Not to mention, couldpossibly show me how to operate the programs better than what I can do now.Well on some of them anyway like “cough, cough” Pokescript.

Positions Needed



•title screen editor,

•Pokémon sprite inserter

•Tile inserter

•OW Spriter


•tile editor

•Banner Maker,

• Future ASM hacker

•World Map Editor

•OW Spriter

•Animation Editor

•Battle Spriter

“If there is anything I missed, please let me know. As I set, I’mnew to forming a team of hackers, so I just want to make sure everything isright.”

Team Members

As you can see I have none at the moment.

Sign-up Form

Applying for:
Contact Info: “Only email is needed”
Messenger: “Preferably, Skype, Yahoo, Live, or PM.