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I don't see our community as extremely competitive or anything like that. To me it's just pretty much dead, I don't see many posts at all being made on any game and when there are some they are mostly from random people saying the same old stuff, complimenting the game or asking for a release date.

For me you're just taking something that is a personal concern as if it was something that happens on the entire community (seeing what happened on your game's thread on the last weeks). Man, learn something, criticism is mostly a really good thing. Together with competivity is what most helps developpers improving their games. If it's constructive, nice, you're lucky. If it's bad, well, try to take the good things out of it (they can be harsh but many times tell the truth) and ignore the bashing etc.

Remember, if nothing good can be extracted from the criticism, just ignore it or try to laugh at it(seriously). Don't get emotional over anything people say to you on the internet.
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