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    "Well then little buddy, onward we go! What should I name you?" Grey asked. "Flyer?" The bird shook his head. "I like the name Celery. How's that for a nice name?" Grey asked again, and this time, the bird nodded yes. "It is settled then. Where to now? Seeing as we are now trapped on Route One by an angry professor and two angry men. Maybe enlisting someone's help would be nice?" He said, looking around. He then saw Leon, walking toward the next town. Grey walked up to him, and asked nerviously, "Hello my good sir, my two buddies and I are trapped on Route One by three angry people, and we would like to enlist your help. So, will you?" He hoped the guy would say yes, but he wouldn't be surprised if he said no, for there were many anti-Plasma people out here. He crossed his fingers, and waited for a response.
    Perhaps so, but we've seen it happen with our very own eyes. The answer is out there, Luke - we just need to find it. -Professor Layton
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