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hi, i'm afraid i need more help

This isn't as much as a debilitating disease as it is life's little quirks, but…

Is it normal to feel guilty after buying stuff? Like, I just bought a game, but I feel extremely guilty that I spent $35 on it.

And I bought a little application for $15, and I'm feeling really guilty about buying it, even though I honestly wanted it, and I know having $120 left in a 15 year-old's bank account is still a lot (compared to the $40-$70 I usually hover around, so just keep that comparison in mind).

It also carries on into fake currencies too. In a game, I'm guilty about spending coins/blahkets/whatever the currency is, even though they don't have any impact irl. Like, I obsess about how much money I have in Mystery Dungeon, even though it's probably one of the least money-reliant games in my collection.

Is this normal, and if not, how do you guys think I should try to cope?
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