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    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    hi, i'm afraid i need more help

    This isn't as much as a debilitating disease as it is life's little quirks, but…

    Is it normal to feel guilty after buying stuff? Like, I just bought a game, but I feel extremely guilty that I spent $35 on it.

    And I bought a little application for $15, and I'm feeling really guilty about buying it, even though I honestly wanted it, and I know having $120 left in a 15 year-old's bank account is still a lot (compared to the $40-$70 I usually hover around, so just keep that comparison in mind).

    It also carries on into fake currencies too. In a game, I'm guilty about spending coins/blahkets/whatever the currency is, even though they don't have any impact irl. Like, I obsess about how much money I have in Mystery Dungeon, even though it's probably one of the least money-reliant games in my collection.

    Is this normal, and if not, how do you guys think I should try to cope?
    I had a blog about this actually. (My most recent one actually) because I tend to suffer from the same thing as you.

    What's worked for me is well, to set aside a certain % of savings to actually save, and a certain % that can be your treat per month if you decide to spend it. The treat % can be rolled over per month..
    For example, let's say you have 40 bucks. You decide you will truly save half of it, and so you have an allowance of $20 to spend in that month. If you spend 10, then 10 can be rolled over next month so that you can spend 30 instead of 20.
    At the end of the year, you can put a certain % of whatever is leftover into the real savings, or just continue on as you are.
    If there is something you reallllyyyyy want (or actually end up needing) then it is okay to dip into your real savings once every x months (set this for yourself, too) so you know that eventually, you are actually earning money, and you can put it towards something you may need or want in the future (or just keep it and keep saving!)
    Since eventually, some people will want to make bigger purchases like a car or etc, or may even need a car for school etc etc etc. It is just good to have!

    It is good to save, but I notice that I hoard.. and I realized, well, if something is gonna make me happy, life is short and I should get it. However, I dont wanna be like some people who buy everything they want because it is good to have moderation.

    If you separate your savings, you can prob still feel like you have some backup money, and you're not "splurging" but at the same time, you can enjoy things in life.

    Another thing that might help is helping you think you deserve it. So like, for example, do something that will make you feel accomplished, like organizing and cleaning your room, because people often pay cleaning ladies/ cleaners like $100 bucks an hour for a job. So.. if you do something you think is worth something like that amount, you can justify treating yourself.

    Um.. I think I have a few more tips that would help, but I'll give you those to think about for now, and hopefully it helps you out. Let me know how you get on with it, cause.. well like I said, I have the same problem haha.

    Good luck, Droomph!
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