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offline cat ☠ Rachel

Rachel tapped her keyboard restlessly as she was carefully pondering the latest announcement in complete anguish. She had just lost all her money and items for cats sake. A hard's work of pay! All gone in one felt swoop! It didn't really help that her level was reset. And the worst thing of all? Her DAEMON didn't even get to eat that lobster claw she received from the other day! It was sure becoming hell-week. In fact,she was just about to tear her cat wear apart, until she remembered it was quite inexpensive, so she remained from doing so. Instead, she took the nearest blunt object, one of her school text books, and threw it at the door, which unfortunately for her brother Matt, he happened to open her room door at the exact time she threw that text book, hitting him square on the face.

"...Okay, I'll knock next time!" regretted Matt, as he quickly closed back her door and ran off. He was such a little kid, for someone who's 18. "Whoever said you didn't know how to throw..."

Rachel's deep upsetness was justified though. Why would someone do this? For their own entertainment? Rachel loved her DAEMON, sort of like... a pet, or someone who's constantly on your shoulder being carried around. Even if she was blue and small with red hair, and brown boots, her DAEMON was still a cat - the only thing she had that was closest to a pet. Then again... her DAEMON was also her in a way.

But even if that's true, what to do now? Leave her DAEMON to die, or accept herself as her inner DAEMON? She swore - Florida was way to hot to think sometimes.

online cat ☠ LGDClaw

LGDClaw and some of the other PIRATE members managed to escape the skirmish, although, it wasn't quite easy - there was this snake-lady DAEMON who threatened to poison each and very one of their pancakes if they didn't hand over their keys. LGDClaw punched her about 10 times where she died on the spot. Unfortunately, some of the other PIRATE members were way too greedy, and perished in battle. Well, what could one say? They were PIRATES. Greed was their middle name. In any case, LGDClaw and some of her few remaining comrades finally made it out. They've made their escape near the back alley, where few can only spot them if they looked hard enough. Fortunately, no one passed through.

"I swear, these trash are about as smart as a dimmed light bulb. Their persistence is so wasted," LGDClaw remarked about all the other players. "It's true what they say. Fortune doesn't favor fools. Man, this whole thing was damned and a half."

"Aye," one of her comrades, the dragon-headed Oryps agreed. "In fact, I believe I saw this in a movie once. All these kids were killed while a female was smart enough to escape to gain a great distance between all of them until she made her camp on top of the trees."

"What was she, a bird?" another comrade of LGDClaw's, the frog headed SippieToady asked as he scratched his slimy head. "But yeah, it sucks man. I mean, if your DAEMON dies, then its you might as well hand yourself over to them, you know? It's kinda creepy..."

"Actually kid, I was referring to our loot!" explained LGDClaw. "I mean WHAT THE HELL! We didn't even get to make that lobster from the other day, eh? I blame a certain goat-faced moron for that!"

"Oh but hey - what do we do know that our level's been reset, and you know, that key thing?" Sippie asked. "Um, what do we do now? Hide from other people forever and ever? Or... do we kill them before they kill us?" LGDClaw quickly turned to her frog-faced friend. She was expected to be seemingly disgusted, but...

"That would probably be unethically illogical," said Oryps. "Come now, can't we at least provide some malice? I'm sure all the other players here are heartbroken over their... recent losses."

"You know what? That can be fun kid!" LGDClaw said after a while, then gave with a smirk. Oryps and Slippie exchanged glances. "Right now I'm thinkin' that when this crowded mess is all over, I would love to cat-slap the stuffing out of those high-leveled morons who go around calling people noobs and stuff. I mean, what are you, 5 years old? Not so tough that your level's been reset, eh?"

"W-wait, I was just joking..." SlippieToady explained. "You know? Joking? Does hahahahahaha ring any bells?!"

"Really kid? Now that I think about it, I kinda wasn't!" replied LGDClaw. "I mean, we're PIRATES! We do anything and everything for valuables! We write our own rules, y'know? And remember - I always strike first. Except not in this case."

"Right," said Oryps as he rolled his eyes. "Just don't come crying to me after we have been felled by a monk that is seemingly on a vigorous rampage killing spree."

"Ohoho, but you see, we have to be smart!" explained LGDClaw with a smile. "See, all we gotta do is jump some lone sucker, yeah? Their loot will be good as ours - it's 3 on 1! Or if you want more help, don't worry, we gotta wait for more guild members to come back alive too, y'know? I'm sure they want their share of the silver loot we're gonna pile up. Come now, chin up - have I ever scared you wrong?"


"That's what I thought!"

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