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Originally Posted by Arlo View Post
I'd be perfectly fine if I never saw another cutscene in a game. If they only wasted my time, that would be bad enough, but they actually do exactly the opposite of what I guess they're intended to do. They don't suck me into the game - they yank me out of it. I immediately lose whatever suspension of disbelief I've managed to build up and am forcefully reminded that I'm just looking at moving pictures.

Now - alternate camera angles is something I'd love to see. My hope is that you'll be able to pan the trailing cam in and out and from side to side, and leave it wherever you want or click a button to snap it back to the default, and I hope there are multiple defaults, like a racing game - first person, close, far... like that.
Bare with me here, but I kind of find it difficult to believe that a short clip of an animated cutscene is what would cause anyone to lose whatever suspension of disbelief they may have over playing a Pokémon game. Given the mere premise of which we know ─ A ten year old kid (in B/W we were a few years older) goes out in the world alone to travel amongst and alongside dangerous creatures ─ I think if there was ever a point to lose your suspension of disbelief, it would be the very moment you put the cartrdige in your system and booted it up to start playing.

Unless what you meant to say was that these cutscenes shift your attention away from the focus of the game and causes you to lose a brief period of interest in what's going on. That I could understand, since I know the cutscenes do sort of take us out of the game as a player and makes it feel like we're more or less watching a small footage of something that's happening. Although, I actually enjoy those cutscenes for its visual effect and being able to physically show us what's taking place in a cool way.

I totally agree with your ideas on the camera angles though. A first person perspective would be pretty neat if done correctly, although it would take some getting used to.
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