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You're right! It's been a whole year since your last post. That's twelve times the prerequisite for a re-introduction, so this has been quite late, I must say! Still, welcome back to PC, man!

How's Job Corps? When people call what they get as edumacation, that sometimes implies a bad connotation. Hoping it's not true. :p But yeah, electricity is an interesting field; I'm assuming it's related to technician stuff? That's cool. Although I'm not really the type who likes handling electricity, I still respect what technicians do to deal with what they have to work with.

Guess this means you like Electric-types? Haha. If you still play Pokémon, that is. I don't know if you've been here since B2/W2's reveal and release, but there's that and XY coming soon for the franchise. So PC's been bustling. :) And that goes for both in the Pokémon-related sections and unrelated ones. (b'')b

I'm sure everyone missed you while you were gone, too! I only vaguely remember your username, but I still hope that we can see each other around as you become active again. That said, stay active now! Even with edumacation on the way, I'm sure you can still spend time here to your heart's content. Freshen up on the new stuff we've implemented (perhaps a new rule or two, especially with the section-specific ones), and really, just enjoy posting. Again, welcome back, Omega! :D
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