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Hi hi Gzomyndzor, welcome to PC! :3

I LOVE YOUR AVATAR. Way back when Gold/Silver were just released I remember training a Dunsparce to a really high level because I thought it was just so adorable. But anyway, I'm super glad that you're so enthusiastic about this place, really! Good choice - PC's awesome and has some of the coolest Pokemon fans ever. I've made many close friendships here and am sure you will as well. So yeah, making a few posts and then disappearing for months or even years will make us all sad. Post around, get involved, and you'll find yourself wanting to come back all the time! <3;

Going by your signature I'll assume you like challenges, in which case we both have that in common! I looove them; Emerald is usually my go-to game when I sign up for challenges here (which sadly isn't that often right now... but that will be changed!). Awesome that you're already signing up for some of the ones we have available here. You're also always eligible to create your own if you follow the rules there and such a challenge doesn't already exist, so keep that in mind. :D Other than that... well, you can do a lot on PC, from roleplaying to trading and heaps of other things. The forum is really big and we'd love to have another awesome member join our ranks here.

See you around and have an enjoyable time~ contact me anytime if you want to chat anytime!
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