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The overworld looks odd and it could be improved on. It's also kind of weird seeing a full figure model for the trainer and that also looks a bit off. But there is 9 months for them to be improved on and I'm certain Gamefreak can make them look better. I guess I'm not use to seeing a full 3Ds overworld rather than the top-down view we've been used to all this time, but I'm sure I'll get used to it in nine months time. I'm keeping in mind that these are the first core Pokemon games for 3DS and that they still need to get used to the new hardware. Just looking at how much the graphics from BW2 were when looking at the graphics in DP (the 3D in particular).
The battles look even spectacular. I never thought battles would feel so real and I love the detail in the background and how attacks feel like they're gonna come right at us. And I love the usage of multiple camera angles though I hope that doesn't slow down battling. It's much of a step up from BW/BW2 and it's what basically got me sold on these games.
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