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    Sabamin, Eveamoor

    "How kind of you," Ava patted Eveylnn's hand. "To show such mercy is rare in a mercenary. Isn't it odd though mercenary almost sounds like mercy?"

    "My, my, so it does!" Eve said with a chuckle. "You are quite the word bond maker, aren't you? Though, I wouldn't mind more bond making of my own..." she then winked.

    Soon her eyes was set upon her payment - seven silver coins about as shiny as the jewels upon her battle-gear prospect. She happily accepted each coin, and shined them up with her sleeve as she carefully held one up near her left eye, as she gazed on how it shined with the light of the sun. "I humbly thank you," thanked Eve. "I knew it was unjust to disappoint lady luck. However, may those orcs rest in peace. Or pieces in their own situation."

    Soon the cries of laughter and enjoyment was broken up by a stranger. "Excuse me, but I do believe I overheard that you are in fact mercenaries, is that correct?" he said. Eve looked upon her fellow companions as they addressed him. Soon he spoke again. “I will pay you 70 silver to each of you, and an additional 200 to be split amongst the survivors upon completion.”

    "70...!" Eve smiled as he stood up from her stool and swooned towards the charitable stranger. "Mmm, Eve does like a man who knows her pleasures. And who is about jolly as he is wealthy. I'll make a special exception on your case."

    Soon the job was accepted and the stranger became overjoyed. “Thank you, warriors! Now, I know you wouldn’t want to set off right away, and without any knowledge of the mission. Tomorrow at the break of dawn, meet me in front of the gates of Dalenham, ready to go, and I’ll bestow upon you the first half of the payment, as well as additional information. Is this acceptable? I will see you tomorrow, then. I cannot thank you enough.”

    “Save your thanks for when we actually finish the job.” the young man that Eve caught her eye upon - Varian said. The merchant nodded in understanding, and departed. Varian eyed him the entire time while he left the tavern, before leaning over to the others. “Well, we're our opportunity. You want to continue on with us, then we'll go together on this job tomorrow. If you don't, here in Dalenham is where's we'll part way. Either way..."

    "Hark my friends!" Eve addressed. "I would soon be showered with my father's blood if I did not gain such a furious and handsomly-paid task, working along side such beautiful people. The talented Eveylnn shall accompany thee, and I would gladly dance your fears and troubles away. Until then, sleep well! I hope you will dream of me.. tonight."

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