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    Back when I first joined, the Game Development community was filled with a bunch of people, even newbies, posting there games and ideas in hopes of them becoming big like hacks in the hacking community.

    Now, I'v noticed that it's more about who's game has the best scripts or who's game has the coolest graphics rather than the quality. Which imo, started driving away most people because they simply thought their games could never look as good, never be as innovative, and basically never thought their games could be great.

    I don't think people should start becoming Care Bears and writing nice posts about all the fangames out there, because criticism is what makes a game developer strive. You need some "Your game looks like ass" and "Fix this ****, it's like Sonic 06 but with more errors" every once in a while to know that people are actually playing your game and it can help you achieve goals to make the game better. I'm not saying users should overdue it though because I don't want to be the cause of suicides lol

    I like that this topic was started and hopefully, the Game Developing Community becomes as great as it was back when I first joined, and even better than that.
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