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Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
All they did was add details. Frankly, it still looks ugly.
Well then, that's an opinion I don't really share. I would not call the improvement to be "details" (honestly, I forgot the Castelia City we saw in the first few screenshots and trailers was so ugly, because the final product was pretty good). If you disagree, that's fine. But I would not say it still looks ugly, and that's just me.

Like other people have said, they have a full nine months to improve the graphics. And as Shivamwazhere demonstrated, Gamefreak has been able to majorly and significantly improve the aesthetic appeal of areas such as Castelia City, from the first time we saw them to the final product within the game (which you apparently think of as "details", but honestly, I consider to be a major improvement). Besides, when it comes to Pokemon, the graphics themselves aren't the most important thing, which is why many of us still cherish games like G/S/C and the Stadium titles to this day.
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