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Percival and Roland Grey- Ekilore

The lead monk seemed to be pleased as a small smile stretched across his face, as one by one the Knights accepted the quest despite some hesitation. The hesitation was understandable to be sure as such as a powerful artifact did sound too good to be true, but one had to place faith in the Monks of Ekilore. They were to be trusted as they have guided civilization with benevolence. So why was Percival so silent? Was it doubt? Was it simply overwhelming? Or was it fear? His brother showed no feeling as he proudly proclaimed his faith in the monks and their quest: “This quest is indeed befitting of one such as me. I vow to gather these shards and place them back together. I will not falter, and every foe that will stand in my way, no matter where he may hail from, shall be felled in pursuit of this cause. Let it be known that upon this day, Roland of the House Grey, champion of Reigncliff, will see this mission done.”

The monk raised a eyebrow, amazed by the enthusiasm of Roland. "While your desire to be the champion of the land is welcome, do not dare think you can do this alone. Pride comes before the fall."

Roland eyed the monk and his words. It wasn't the first time he was scolded by others in this regard, but Roland had proven he was more than capable of balancing what he would call his 'confidence', and his skill. But in an effort not to show disrespect to the monks, he merely nodded in understanding, if only for the sake of their titles.

As the Monk responded to Roland and spoke to him as a wise mentor would to a student, Percival sunk into a low posture, head down, admiring the floor for whatever reason. His brother easily accepted a heroic role with only glory in mind yet Percival, who knew he had a noble spirit, could only weep in his own self pity. The Monk cocked his head as he looked at him. "Is something wrong, Ser Percival Grey?"

"…nothing at all."

"Then I take it that you accept this quest?"

"Yes, of course. I shall do my best to carry out this quest. I just..."

"I would expect nothing less. I see that you have a great destiny before you and that you words and actions will do much to influence the world. Do not let your faith waver," the monk said, appearing to reassure the young noble of Ethora.

"I do have a few words to say before I send you all into the world. Firstly, while we have kept knowledge of the Orb of Ardor hidden within the confines of this great tower, they are others who undoubtedly have knowledge of it as well. These nefarious groups will seek you out once word of your actions spread throughout the lands of Aerion. You must prepared to fight. Blades will bleed and shields will shatter. They will do everything they can to stop you. You must make sure they do not succeed."

The monk mentioned the fact that others would be after them to try to stop them from getting the orb. Roland wonder why this would be so. If the orb truly was the key to 'everlasting peace', why would someone want to prevent it? But a thought had occurred to Roland. Perhaps the orb was capable of multiple abilities, and the ones after it would simply be after a different power, one more selfish and individual, Roland thought.

"Second, to aid you in setting out on your journey, we have commissioned a ship to send you off to your first of many destinations. The ship awaits you at the dock at the base of the tower, where it will take you to the land of Shinguo. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a friend, one who will help guide you to where the first shard of the Orb is presumably located. My Eunuch friend there will set you out the door. The fate of Aerion rests in your hands. And may the grace of your Gods guide you."

Percival Grey bowed to the Monks and slowly made his way to the door, awaiting the Eunuch to guide them. Roland bowed as well, joining his brother and the others at the door. "Come with me, my lords. I fear time is not our friend." The Eunuch shuffled his feet to the door, opening it for the others and guided them down the stairs, elevator, and through the grand library back outside on the ground level. Percival welcomed the ground, enjoying the smell of the fresh air of the Deep Blue. Seeing everything from ground level was strangely refreshing, if only because he could see literally the entire world as he knew from the top of the observatory.

"Come with my lords. We must head down to the docks." The Eunuch walked a fair pace down to the docks where a large boat was awaiting them.

Sitting at a small, quiet port was a single ship. Black as night with red accents, the ship had white sails with the symbol of the monks of Ekilore embroidered in red. It was a fair size, clearly having a few decks and rooms to be used. It appeared sturdy, fast, and a perfect ship for traveling the Deep Blue and Sea of Storms, a fact that could ease many. A number of sailors were preparing the ship, hoping to get it ready for departure in time. They were rushing, clearly, but were doing so with some degree of effectiveness.

"I must say, I expected the vessel to carry us on this most noble quest to be something a bit less...shabby." Roland stepped forward, looking over the ship.

"Shabby is one way to look at it." A voice addressed the knights. Roland turned around and saw a man, about the same height and build as he, but with a large, black beard. He wore a large, black Tricorne, accompanied under hair combed underneath. He had a black waistcoat with red and orange linings across the edges of it, and matching styles in pants. If Roland knew anything about the styles of Ethorian dress, and he most certainly did know, than he was certain the man was from Ethora, particularly from the accursed region of Dedris, and probably the captain of the vessel. "I look at its dark colors as subtle. I look at it's size as inconspicuous. I look at its unadorned design as discreet. Given the nature of your journey, I imagine these are advantageous, are they not?"

The man eyed the group of so-called knights, and took off his hat to them, giving them a bow of respect. "My name is Richard. Richard of House Crewe, service to House Morok of Dedris. I shall be your captain on this voyage. You best get all of your belongings on board. As I am told, we are on a tight schedule."

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