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    No offense man, but this game could be a lot better.

    The graphics are pretty bad [and take your screenshots sized down] since you're mixing FRLG interiors with BW exterior tiles. I reccomend looking for a BW interior tileset on deviantart somewhere. The story doesn't seem like it would be in a Pokemon game either, contrary to what you said, the knights thing doesn't really ring any Pokemon bells to me and it's a bit unorthodox for the player to be experiencing a major plot event in Zekrom on route one.

    Another thing is this scene

    It really doesn't make sense at all that you have FRLG and BW ows [and the dialogue doesn't seem to be contributing to anything] and then you just have random Pokemon running around. I really think you should hold this game to a higher standard and observe how Nintendo's games are or some of the other fangames on this board. Everything you want to communicate and acheive story and gameplay-wise can be accomplished if you put more effort into betas and screenshots before you release them.