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My first shiny was a flipping Bidoof on Diamond version. I:
I didn't even know what a big deal they are, but had faintly remembered that it's "special" in some way. Then forgot and reset the save file. I still have my first SR'd shiny (and cloned him once) sitting in my PC box, though. (:

Kura, if I understood your post correctly, you said that you don't know what SR'ing is, right? It's when you, before either getting a starter or encountering a legendary (or something like a Drifloon that is seen out-of-battle), save the game. Then encounter said Pokemon over and over again (resetting the game by pressing start + select + L + R if it's not shiny) until you get a shiny one. I got a shiny Chikorita that way. <3

Huh. Now I want to go SR for a shiny Drifloon. I've always loved the coloration but never bothered to get one. I think it works for SRing, not sure.
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